Sporn Training Halters

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SKU: SP10057

Start to enjoy your walks again!

Sporn training halter stops pulling instantly! Comes with Lifetime Guarantee from manufacturer. Perfect for dogs that are heavy to extreme pullers. Sporn has helped millions of people worldwide around the world gain humane control over the most rambunctious lead pullers.

So versatile it converts to a dog collar in a matter of seconds is uncomplicated and easy to fit and provides gentle guidance from the withers not from around the face.

Sizes: (only Black available)

 Medium: Necks 12-17 in (30-43cm)

Large: Necks 16-24 in (43-60cm) 

X-Large: Necks 23-33in (58-83cm)

A priceless gift for dog owners looking to enjoy their outings and walks together.