Goats Milk Powder for Dogs

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Excellent treat for dogs that are prone to diarrhoea, joint pain, arthritis, skin allergies, itching, diabetes and yeast infections. Makes a delicious healthy treat that promotes healthy digestion and packed full of probiotic cultures.

Goats milk absorbs quickly and is gentle on sensitive tummies. Contains a healthy boost of nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, electrolytes , enzymes, protein and fatty acids as well as carotene and  anti-inflammatory properties.

Tips: Pour over kibble, freeze into cubes for hot days as a cool treat or simply serve as a yummy nutritious treat. 

Instructions: Mix 1 and a 1/2 Tbspns to 250ml, add the water slowly to create a paste, add remaining water and mix well to serve.

(18 serves) in a 200g pack