Fruity Dog Ice Cream Premix 200g

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Fruity Ice Cream for Dogs

Have you ever had an ice cream in front of your dog, only to watch them salivate with delight knowing that maybe, just maybe, you will leave a little bit for them at the end. Dogs unfortunately do not understand that human ice cream is not the best for them due to the high fat and sugar content, not to mention the high lactose content.

Our Fruity Ice Cream Pre Mix Packs are Sugar Free, Low Lactose Content and Low Fat content designed specifically for your pooches precious palate.

Easy to make, Just add water and your dog's favourite fruit, mix and freeze in desired portion sizes to ensure that when you come home with an ice cream for yourself, your dog can enjoy his own little ice cream treat and feel like part of the pack.

Perfect frozen treats for dogs on a hot summer days.

Why not experiment with a pack and make a Dog Ice Cream Cake for your dog's Birthday or special occasion.