Engraved Rogz Dog ID Tags


Available for pre-order

Metal Engraved Dog ID Tags

Ensure you can make it easy for your loved pets to be returned should they decide to go for a neighbourhood wonder. Microchips are great but can't help a person identify a dog owners contact without getting the chip scanned.

These metal dog tags are beautifully personalised and engraved with all the details needed to contact you and help get your pets returned to you quickly. Made of hard wearing anti-rust metal deeply engraved making it easy to read. Once you receive your Rogz Tag card, go online and choose from a variety of Dog Tag designs, enter your engraving details. Your tag arrives addressed to your dog when sent out!

How it works

Step1. Purchase a Rogz ID tag card here either a small or large depending on your pet.

Once you have recieved your ID tag card you simply need to log onto www.rogztagz.com.au

Step 2. Scratch the panel located on the back of your Rogz tag card to reveal your unique code.

Step 3. Enter the code in the space provided on the website.

Step 4. Follow the instructions on the website, pick your Rogz tag design.

Step 5. Sit back relax, your new engraved Rogz will arrive beautifully engraved in 1-5 working days.

* Available designs may change depending on availability

To see available designs visit www.rogztagz.com.au