Black Hawk Kangaroo Grain/Gluten Free

Black Hawk


100% grain and Gluten Free and made from 100% Australian wild kangaroo.

The absence of both grain and gluten makes Black Hawk an ideal option for those pets that have sensitive dietry needs and for those who want to exclude grains from their pets diet which echos the original grain free protein rich diets experienced by their primitive ancestors thrived on in the wild.

Australian wild kangaroo packs a punch when it comes to protein, iron and omega 3 essential to encourageing healthy blood cells, muscle and bone strength icludes vitamins B6 and B12 exceelent for vitality brain and nerve health as well as providing a good ssource of zinc.

56% Real kangaroo meat as the main protein

44% Vegetables fruit and oils as well as essential vitamins and minerals for a complete balanced healthy diet.