Black Hawk Adult Fish/Potato Dog Food

Black Hawk


Premium Australian Made Dog Food.

Black Hawk ticks the boxes when you want reassurance that your dog is receiving quality ingredients and joining the wave of pet owners wanting real food for their dogs. At Black Hawk every ingredient matters they say and you can be rest assured that all ingredients are wholesome, balanced and nutricious with their commitment to not adding fillers or anything artificial - just 100% goodness!

This ocean fish and anchovy meal is a complete balanced meal and fantatstic for those suffering allergies or intolerances to proteins commonly found in dog foods and is rich in omega oils great for joint and skin health.

Whole linseed a natural source of fibre and high in omega 3 and sweet potato a great source of carbohydreates rich in magnesium and iron as well as glucosamine which is well documented to support the structure and function of joints. Suitable for small to large breeds at all life stages.