Advantix Dog 4 -10kg Spot-On Solution


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Advantix is a Spot-on solution for dogs

For dogs 4-10kg 

Eliminates ticks and fleas and also used for the treatment of biting lice on dogs as well as an effective treatment for flea allergy dermatitis. Advantix starts to kill fleas on your dog within a day of application and is very efficient at repelling ticks.

Advantix works as a repellent after being administered – read your enclosed product leaflet for the correct application as this can differ depending on the size and weight of your dog.

Pre-existing ticks attached to your dog should be removed before your first application as they may remain attached and visible if your dog has not had prior protection.

Advantix does remain effective if your dog becomes wet however prolonged and intense exposure to water may reduce effectiveness and re-application may be required to ensure maximum protection, read your enclosed product leaflet for re-application guidelines.

(APVMA approved) registered product 

Advantix is formulated for use on dogs only and can be fatal for cats – if you have a cat that likes to lick or cuddle up next to your dog you may need to consider an alternative treatment.

Consult with your vet before using the product on dogs who are ill or debilitated.

Should not be used on puppies less than 7 weeks of age or less than 1.5kg in weight.

Expiry date – min 2 years or more

Advantix should not be administered if the product is passed its expiry date.

We always recommend consulting with your vet and reading the enclosed product information leaflet.

This product is manufactured by Bayer and distributed by registered veterinarians.

Advantix is a registered trademark of Bayer A.G. Leverkusen, Germany