Dog Grooming

About our HydroSpa Mobile Dog Grooming Service

 Our HydroSpa dog grooming service includes everything from full body clipping, sanitary trims, under paw trims, ear and face trims are all inclusive.

  • Our Hydro Spa groom and clip will help manage dogs who have curly, long wavy or wiry coats that require ongoing maintenance to help manage coats prone to matting and that require clipping to assist with maintenance.
  • For some breeds it can also be a solution to help make summer or hot weather conditions more comfortable.
  • Clipping may also be required for medical conditions such as hot spots and to manage flea infestations.
  • * Dogs that are Matted may require additional grooming time to remove these in a humane manner and can be very time consuming an additional charge may be required and will be advised on inspection. 
  • You can always talk to us about the best options for your dog, breed or concern.

Call Brooke 0477 697 387 or Angela 0488 697 988 (new customers)

Before deciding on a Clipping Service you many want to find out if your dog has a double coat, and why this is important!

Click Here to to learn more about double coat dog breeds!

 Some dogs will shed more than others and more at certain times of the year, spring and winter being the peak moulting season. However throughout your dogs lifetime their coats are continually going through the process of growing, dying and shedding. Pet hair on floors easily embed into carpet and can also carry substances that can trigger allergies, sneezing, itching and a runny nose.

Our Hydro Spa De-Shed - Assists in removing the undercoat reducing substantially the amount of hair your dog drops. A much more pleasant experience when sharing the couch or giving out cuddles not to mention the reduced amount of house work to clean up.
A Hydro Spa De-Shed also helps to reduce matting which occurs as the undercoat builds up and can cause discomfort for your dog and be painful to remove.
In severe circumstances there is no humane way to remove the built up matting and clipping will be required as the most humane alternative.

Call Brooke 0477 697 387 or Angela 0488 697 988 (new customers)

As all dogs vary with regards to De-Shedding. Larger Breeds like Huskies and Malamutes require more time to De-Shed than a Dalmatian or Labrador.

Refer to our pricing above.

*A Maintenance deshed is available for customers who book a regular service.
(if the dog is matted or overgrown- this takes more time to complete so a $20 surcharge will apply)