Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Provides the convenience of having your pet groomed at home in a safe and secure environment.

Our Regular Grooming Schedule can help in maintaining a healthy coat and encourage circulation through the fur which helps your dog regulate body temperature in hotter months and provides effective insulation in colder weather keeping your dog comfortable all year round. (Breed Specific)

 Dog Grooming includes:

  • Removing, clipping or cutting length from the coat

  • Face trim

  • Removal of excess fur growth between the paw pads (if necessary)

  • Sanitary trim

  • Full brush down

 PLUS everything included in our Hydro Spa Dog Wash Service


The cost of this service is $75 per dog.

Cancellations under 24 hours notice will incur a charge of 50% of the total service cost.

Medical emergencies are the only exception of the cancellation fee.

 Before deciding on a Grooming Service

Find out if your dog has a double coat....and why is this important?

Click Here to to learn more about double coat dog breeds!

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