Rogz Grinz Balls For Dogs



The ultimate in COOL dog toys. Bound to become a favourite this ball has it all! 

Dogs just wuff GRINZ dog balls so much.....and there is more than just the teeth to this dog ball too.

They are so SUPER KOOL !


Swim and fetch with your pooch just stepped up a level with Dogz GRINZ, your going to be thrilled with hilarious antics and your bound to see a constant smile on your dogz dial.

Designed to have the perfect balance, soft enough for your dogs mouth without compromising on the ability to get a good game of bounce in fetch!

Stuff GRINZ with dog treats and rewards, excellent for training sessions with the Dogz GRINZ ball your bound to have your dogs undevided attention.

You can also knot a length of fabric or rope attach it to the ball by stuffing the knoot in the hole for a great game of fetch and retrieve training.

49mm|2" - Suitable for Small Dogs

64mm - Suitable for Medium Dogs

78mm - Suitable for Large Dogs

Dogz GRINZ + Dog = Happy Hound Here!