A Real Dog Wash Pamper Session! 

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  Complete head to tail health check is vital and helps to identify any existing skin irritations, fleas or ticks that may be present. Warts and growths are also examined and anything we find that appears abnormal or unusual will be reported back to you. A health check is important to uncover any existing or new conditions and a great way for your groomer and dog to get to know each other.

Brushing is vital to promote healthy circulation and to rid your dog of any dead surface hair. At this stage we will remove minor matting from the coat. Heavy matting may result in additional charges for the time taken to remove these in a humane manor. 

  We start off this step with our Blue Berry Facial which leaves a wonderful fragrance that lasts and smells Oh so good. Blueberry Facial has been formulated specifically for use on the face gives your pooch a glorious massage is Eco friendly and bio-degradable. The Blueberry Facial is removed at rinse stage. (Click the link to view Ziggy getting a facial)

On to getting the ears cleaned and a bit off attention to the teeth applying a gel that freshens the breath and helps to break down plaque buildup. Nails are expected and trimmed if required - for long nails we take a go slow approach as the quick will be long and needs to be trained back. Our policy is to do whats necessary to ensure that your dog enjoys the experience.
Finally its time to get an amazing massage and wash with clean warm water. Our Shampoos are all Eco friendly and bio-degradable. Coat conditioner is applied as required and all rinsing is done with clean fresh water to remove treatments applied. Our products have been selected to provide the best results and are of the highest quality. Our mobile dog salon is equipped for serious pampering and provides a safe comfortable environment for your dog.
Warm blow dry for the cooler months or cool blow dry for summer makes to ensure your dog is as dry as possible after their spa experience. We have ear muffs too if needed.

Complimenting Blueberry cologne is used and of course a very delicious gluten and grain free treat too!


Call Brooke 0477 697 387 or Angela 0488 697 988 

Additional Products: Order your flea, tick, worming treatments any dog food or accessories for FREE delivery with your next booked service and pay on the same day!

Booking a regular dog wash service can save you money too!
*Rates are reduced for customers who have a regular booked schedule in place.